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Mind the Gap !

Crisp cotton shirts are the epitome of formal work wear – they go well with trousers and skirts. But the one thing I dread is the peeping gap between the buttons! It was especially a problem with shirts that weren’t tailored to my measure and only fit me just decently. I would try to find some temporary solutions for it – I would carry safety pins with me and the button line of my shirts were lined with safety pins or fashion tape. They would work but also ruin my shirts!


Beginning of our journey

The journey of a thousand miles sometimes begins with a stumble. It was a rather hectic day at work for me and I left my desk in a hurry to quickly grab lunch with my colleague. She left her mobile phone on the desk and in hindsight I could have done the same as I did many times (because our trouser pockets weren’t deep enough to hold them properly).

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